Meet the Artist

Miriam Zora Engel:

Miriam Zora Engel grew up between the rural South and the Pacific Northwest.  She has been painting for as long as she can remember and attended the School of the Art Institute of Chicago where she received her BFA in painting and drawing.  Some of her favorite mediums include watercolor, gouache, and homemade egg tempera.  Miriam is also an avid screenprinter and has her own line of handmade clothing.  Now at home on the west side of Oahu, her biggest inspirations come from the outdoors.  Whenever she is not in the studio or displaying her work at craft fairs, she spends her time swimming, diving, hiking, and exploring.


Render is a 35 year old multi-faceted artist, BBoy, musician, filmmaker and graphic designer living and working out of Honolulu, Hawaii. He grew up in Cincinnati, OH then started traveling at the age of 17. He eventually ended up in Phoenix, AZ where he attended a community college studying web and graphic design, Render maintained an Honor’s/Presidential list status. Because of his high marks in his school, he was granted a scholarship to study art history in Prague. He then returned to the United States with a new appreciation for fine art and has since been blurring the lines between street art and fine art.

Eric C. Morgan + Marysol A. Damo:


Eric and Marysol is a collaborative multi-media art team that started with Date by Date Productions, their “fun little art (video) project to do while dating since we’re so bad at dating!” Their first short film, immerse | journey debuted at the Neal Blaisdell Concert Hall at the 2016 TEDx Honolulu Conference.

Eric is a Hawai’i transplant who grew up in a working class town in rural New York and earned his Visual Art MFA from JFK University in Berkeley, CA. Eric primarily works in acrylic that documents his experience of internalizing the lush beauty of the island and culture shock of its history and culture, while intertwining in his own self-realizing journey. Marysol describes his work as “surreal landscapes with pensive transformative character.” Eric has been based in Kailua for the past 6 years and is recently developing work in his studio at Aupuni Place.

Honolulu born-and-raised, Marysol is an architect by trade and spent most of her professional career living abroad. Moving back to Hawaii in late 2015, Marysol is reclaiming her youth, letting go of the shy little Filipina she claims she used to be and doing what she always wanted to- be a surfer and an artist! Eric describes her art as “modern folk art with personal narrative.” She utilizes pyrography, watercolor, acrylic and random heirlooms hoarded at her parents’ house being heavily influenced by historical Hawai’i icons and her Filipino upbringing.

In their classes, you will be experiencing their typical Thursday date night: collaborative/competitive painting, encouraging each other to be the best version of themselves. + =

Instagram: @ecm_vision + @marysoladamo = @dxd_productions